Intelligent Monitoring & Control

Intelligent Monitoring & Control products are intergrated by multi-functional power meters, multi-circuit measurement power meters, DIN-rail mounted energy meters, motor protection controllers, digital meters, electrical transmitters, communication gateways and transformers, which are used to achieve functions such as data acquisition, centralized monitoring and management of power transformation and distribution systems.

  • DC Multi-circuit Measurement Power Meter

    PD195Z-E33 can measure the voltage, current, power and two-way electric energy in the DC system. It is …

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  • AC Multi-circuit Measurement Power Meter

    PD194Z-E14 series multi circuit power instruments are rail mounted, which can measure 4-circuit three-phas…

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  • DC Multi-functional Power Meter

    PD195Z-E31 can measure the basic electricity quantity, demand and extreme value of one DC circuit, and m…

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