SFERE Energy Efficiency Management System SFERE CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

Based on the design concept of networking, integration and intelligence, the system implements centralized monitoring, measurement and management of power, water, gas and other energy consumed by buildings, and conducts dynamic trend analysis of statistical data of various dimensions such as classification, sub item, division and household of building energy consumption to help users master the state of building energy consumption, analyze and diagnose the level of building energy efficiency, improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce building energy consumption Optimize the use of building energy to play a role, and provide detailed data support for the excavation of energy conservation potential and evaluation of energy conservation benefits.

Application Fields With advanced and comprehensive cloud platform technology, we are experts in all fields
  • Commercial Office Building
  • Estate Architechture
  • Large Public Facilities
Technical Features Strong R&D strength, Meet all your needs
    • On line monitoring of total energy consumption

      All kinds of terminal equipment upload all kinds of energy consumption such as building electricity, water and gas to the system in real time, so as to realize the collection, summary and multi-dimensional analysis of energy consumption data.

    • Visual data presentation

    • Various charts such as pie chart, line chart, column chart and radar chart are used to comprehensively present energy consumption data in a visual way, which is convenient for users to observe and analyze data from various dimensions.

    • Multidimensional trend analysis

      Carry out multi-dimensional aggregation analysis on energy consumption data, and make it convenient for users to master the change of energy consumption through the year-on-year and month on month analysis of sub item energy consumption, regional energy consumption and household energy consumption.

    • Analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency indicators

      Calculate and analyze key energy efficiency indicators to help users identify energy consumption priorities and tap energy conservation potential.

    • APP mobile terminal service

      It has the WEB end and APP mobile end, gives full play to the mobile portability, opens up the online and offline service system, and realizes data query, real-time event reminder, event processing registration and other functions.

    • Energy consumption data report query
    • According to the user's configuration results, it provides data query and report export services of various dimensions such as meter reading statistics, sub item statistics, regional statistics, household statistics and time-sharing statistics.

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