SFERE Smart Power Safety Service Platform SFERE CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

The platform combines information technology such as "Internet of Things+Power Security", "microservice", "SaaS mode" and "B/S architecture", collects and analyzes the data of user power distribution terminals through electrical fire monitoring detectors and intelligent gateways, and constructs an innovative electrical fire monitoring and early warning model of "online monitoring+offline operation and maintenance+full process supervision" through "real-time comprehensive monitoring", "timely event alarm" and "full process operation and maintenance management". For various application scenarios such as "nine small places", commercial buildings, public buildings and industrial enterprises with high safety protection requirements, the system effectively prevents the occurrence of electrical fires and eliminates the hidden fire of users' electrical systems.

Application Fields With advanced and comprehensive cloud platform technology, we are experts in all fields
  • Small schools
  • Small hospital
  • Small catering and entertainment
Technical Features Strong R&D strength, Meet all your needs
    • 综合性监管


    • 安全隐患防范


    • 预警报警主动提醒


    • 事件闭环管理


    • 提升管理质量


    • 匹配复杂场景


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