SFERE Metro Energy Management System SFERE CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

As an important part of urban transportation, the subway provides a green solution with low energy consumption for public travel. As a transportation system with large traffic volume, the subway is also a large energy consumer. It is urgent to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs in the operation process. The system is based on intelligent Internet of Things, big data and other modern information technologies. The system provides real-time data monitoring, energy use analysis, power monitoring, power quality analysis, alarm notification, asset management and other functions based on the internal ring network center through the organic integration of the energy use information and power quality information of the subway system, to help users master the real-time energy use of the subway, and achieve the management goal of scientific operation and maintenance, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

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    • 用能分类分项计量


    • 地铁能耗评价指标化


    • Metro professional report

      Built in traction report, power lighting report, master substation report and other report formats. According to the actual management requirements, customized reports can be exported with one click to make daily management more efficient.

    • Comprehensive monitoring of power consumption data

      While monitoring the conventional power parameters in real time, it also measures the power quality of the subway, including three-phase imbalance, harmonics, etc., to help users control the energy use in an all-round way.

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