SFERE Network Prepayment System SFERE CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

Based on the Internet of Things sensing and mobile interconnection technology, the system forms an intelligent network system of all kinds of prepaid meters (electricity meters, water meters, gas meters) through the intelligent communication gateway to realize payment before use, automatic opening of arrears, and automatic closing after recharging. At the same time, it can realize real-time monitoring, real-time data acquisition, and timely processing of cost alarm for the use of various energy and meter status; It supports multiple billing methods such as single rate, multiple rate and periodic rate, greatly improving the convenience of use; At the same time, the system supports the monitoring of malignant load, which can effectively improve the security and intelligent level of power consumption.

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    • Intelligent access of terminal equipment

      The terminal equipment (single/three-phase prepaid electricity meter, prepaid water meter, etc.) of the user's energy consumption system is connected, the user's energy consumption and payment are monitored in real time, and the functions of first paying and then using energy, and automatically cutting off energy supply in arrears are realized. 

    • Flexible configuration of charging scheme

    • The system provides diversified charging modes, including single rate, multiple rate, periodic (weekly/monthly) rate, ladder rate, etc., to facilitate customers to realize personalized billing needs.
    • Full-time electricity safety guarantee

      The system provides two malignant load monitoring modes: total power mode (monitoring the total power of the line) and new power mode (monitoring the new power and power factor of the line). If the parameters exceed the limit, the power supply will be cut off immediately to ensure the safety of users.

Mobile Recharging Service

The APP mobile terminal gives full play to its mobile and portable features, opens up the online and offline service system, and realizes online recharge, record query, bill query and other functions.

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