SFERE Network Postpaid System SFERE CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

The system forms an intelligent network system with various terminal measuring equipment (electricity meter, water meter, gas meter, etc.) through the intelligent communication gateway to obtain the use of various energies in real time, and realize the functions of real-time data acquisition, timely alarm event processing, etc. On each bill day, the system will count the energy bills of each tenant in the last month, and actively send them to tenants for bill confirmation and expense collection.

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    • Regular bill generation

      The system automatically records tenants' energy consumption every day, and can set single month accounting period, bimonthly accounting period and the shortest accounting period as required. On the billing date, click Open to automatically generate the current bill.

    • Mass issuance and payment of bills

      The bills can be sent to the tenants' mailboxes in groups. After paying, the tenants can register the payment status of the accounting period in the system, and provide a filtering query function to facilitate users to screen the unpaid tenants.

    • Multi energy metering

      A variety of energy metering systems can measure and charge a variety of energy, including electricity, water, gas, and air conditioners for centralized cooling. 

    • Integrated intelligent solutions

      All kinds of meters can be connected to the intelligent gateway through 485, and data can be uploaded through the wired network. In areas where wiring is difficult, data can also be uploaded through 4G, LoRa and other wireless solutions.  

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