SFERE Power Operation and Maintenance Cloud Platform SFERE CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

Based on modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile interconnection, cloud computing and big data, the system adopts the integrated functional design of power monitoring, environmental monitoring, security protection, fire protection monitoring, etc., to realize the monitoring and control functions of power equipment such as relay comprehensive protection, transformer temperature, DC screen, reactive power compensation, etc; Integrated operation and maintenance management, asset management, environmental monitoring, access control monitoring, smoke detection monitoring and video monitoring functions; Users can master the overall operation status of the distribution room in real time through the web or APP, obtain various early warning and alarm events, and realize the distributed remote operation and maintenance management of the substation.

Application Fields With advanced and comprehensive cloud platform technology, we are experts in all fields
  • Large Public Facilities
  • Rail Transit
  • Large Enterprise
Technical Features Strong R&D strength, Meet all your needs
    • Comprehensive safety monitoring

      7 * 24h real-time online monitoring, all kinds of early warning and alarm event information can be actively pushed through SMS, WeChat, APP and other ways. Integrate power monitoring, environmental monitoring, security and fire protection monitoring, and comprehensively use cloud computing and big data technology to achieve all-round, intelligent unattended operation in key areas such as substations, switching stations, and distribution station buildings.

    • Intelligent access to multiple types of terminal equipment

      Realize the access of various types of terminal equipment, such as intelligent ammeter, relay comprehensive protection, DC screen, transformer temperature control instrument, environmental monitoring equipment, water immersion sensor, smoke sensor, video monitoring, etc., and comprehensively measure and monitor various parameters, such as electrical, environmental, security, etc. Quickly add monitoring devices dynamically according to the device template, and automatically update the system monitoring objects to meet the needs of different projects.

    • Functional modular design

      The system adopts modular design, and can manage engineering projects in various ways according to projects and sites. The system is deployed in microservice mode, supporting horizontal expansion to meet the gradual expansion of the system monitoring scale; Quickly iterate to meet customers' personalized needs.

    • Data visualization and comprehensive presentation

      The system uses configuration diagrams, charts and other ways to display the system operation status. Users can quickly understand the system working conditions, historical operation trends and conduct event tracing analysis in multiple dimensions.

    • APP Mobile terminal service

      Monitor the system operation anytime and anywhere through APP, receive event reminders in real time, and arrange relevant personnel to deal with emergencies.

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