Intelligent Monitoring & Control

Intelligent Monitoring & Control products are intergrated by multi-functional power meters, multi-circuit measurement power meters, DIN-rail mounted energy meters, motor protection controllers, digital meters, electrical transmitters, communication gateways and transformers, which are used to achieve functions such as data acquisition, centralized monitoring and management of power transformation and distribution systems.

Power Quality Improvement

Power quality Improvement products include active power filter (SFR-APF), static reactive power generator (SFR-SVG), intelligent low-voltage power capacitor module, etc., which are used for comprehensive harmonic control, reactive power compensation, and power factor improvement, so as to improve the power quality and power efficiency of the power system.

Electrical safety

Electrical safety products include electrical fire monitoring system, fire equipment power supply monitoring system and fire door monitoring system, which are used for early warning of electrical fire and troubleshooting of potential safety hazards of fire equipment to ensure personal and property safety.

System software

SFERE electrical software products include SFERE Power Monitoring System(PMS), SFERE Energy Management System(EMS), etc. The product uses the Internet platform combined with the IoT cloud computing technology, which can simultaneously collect measurement data from different locations, and upload the on-site power monitoring data to the cloud server in real time through wired or wireless ways to meet the customer's needs such as remote monitoring of power parameters, energy consumption data analysis, energy saving diagnosis, fault alarm, historical data traceability and output of various personalized reports. All monitoring data are stored in the cloud, so users can not only access and browse data at any time through the PC, but also access it in real time through mobile apps. The platform has a friendly interface and is easy to operate. It has bar chart, pie chart, curve and other data presentation forms. The system functions are designed in a modular way to achieve customized services.

Electrical equipment

Intelligent equipment product series include intelligent power distribution cabinets, intelligent control cabinets and power improvement cabinets.Through digital monitoring and the Internet of Things technology, the equipment can achieve accurate and reliable management, automatic process control and intelligent interconnection of users' power supply and distribution systems, which is one of the important part of an overall solution provided to customers for intelligent equipment, power monitoring, electrical safety, power quality, energy efficiency management and the Internet of Things platform.

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